We believe each runner is unique and deserves a personalized training plan. Canned plans may be able to get you to the finish line, but we want to do more than help get you to the finish. We want to guide you to a lifetime of running. There will be many races to run and goals to achieve, but we want to make sure you remain healthy and happy on your running journey.

Our training plans are a modified version of the Daniels’ Running Formula.
Here is a breakdown of the different types of workouts you will do. It’s important to know the why of your workout. What is the purpose? If you can’t answer this question, you shouldn’t do it.

The WHY behind the Type of Run:

Easy/Long Runs: 1) build up resistance to injury by taking it easy vs. every run being at a push pace, 2) limits stress on mind & body, promotes joy in running, 3) strengthens the heart muscle, and 4) increases vascularization

These runs, like speed work, will feel uncomfortable. That’s okay as long as you aren’t compromising form. These runs serve as an opportunity to focus on running mechanics.

(One of the key errors most runners make is constantly running at a comfortable push pace. We want to make the most of our run time. If we don’t feel like we pushed ourselves, we don’t feel like we accomplished anything. This isn’t true. Again, each of these runs is designed to build different systems. All of them are important. All of them will play a part on race day.)

Marathon: This workout is pretty obvious. This is your chance to get used to the pace, build confidence, practice fluids & nutrition intake, etc.

Threshold: Improves endurance (body’s ability to clear lactate)

Interval: Improves aerobic power and makes the body work at or near VO2 max

Repetition: Improves speed, anaerobic power, and running economy (typically shorter distances of 800 m or below)

Rest: I highly recommend at least one complete rest day per week. Let your muscles, joints, and mind recover from the hard work you do.
Your pace goals by type of run will be based on a formula which uses age, recent race or pace times, and weight.
Pre-Run Band*
Post-Run Ball Recovery*
 *These routines are included when you purchase our training plan.
Other workouts:
Weight Training (good to do on hard days) – There are lots of differing opinions on this, but we believe weights on hard days after your run workout are a good idea.
Training Philosophy

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