We bring our little green bands wherever we go and so should you!

Here are three good reasons to love resistance bands:

  1. They wake up your glutes (butt muscles)! Glutes are powerful, but they are lazy. You need to activate them, and plain old running doesn’t do it.
  2. Prehab trumps rehab EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
  3. You settle into your rhythm of running much quicker once you’ve done your resistance band routine.
We know your time is limited and valuable (hence the short blog post), but you need to devote 2 minutes pre-run to give this routine a try. It’s worth it.ย Make these 8-resistance band moves a staple in your running regimen and see how you do. Give us your feedback.

If you order a half-marathon or marathon plan from us, you will receive a green resistance band in your WAHOO! Winning Kit. This kit contains tools we consider invaluable to training. Let us guide you! Click here to learn how to become a stronger, healthier runner.

Coach Christie & Coach Carlee

Resistance Bands: A Runner’s BBF (Butt’s Best Friend)
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