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WHY do you run?

Your WHY can be a number of motivating factors. Here are a few that come to mind.

  • Get healthy
  • Stay healthy
  • Anger management
  • Sanity
  • Control
  • Solitude
  • Community
  • Alternative to other highs like drugs or alcohol
  • Cope with struggles at home or work or both
  • Feel connected with self, others, God
  • Thinking time
  • Search for creativity
  • See what you are made of. How far can you go? How fast can you run?

In order to stick to a running plan, you need a compelling reason.

You need a WHY.

When your alarm clock goes off at an ungodly hour, so you can run before work or the kids wake, your why is going to come in handy.

When it’s 85 degrees at 6 am, you are going to need a reason to lace up your shoes and beat the heat.

When it’s 32 degrees and your bed is toasty warm, you will most definitely need a why.

Your reason for running is what is going to help you win the war against the snooze button on a daily basis. It’s what is going to help you be consistent in your training. (Side Note – Consistency is the key to better running! That is a topic for another blog post.)

How do you discover your WHY?

My answer is journaling. Grab a pen and paper and start writing. You don’t need to write about running in order to discover what motivates you. Put your inner critic aside and let words flow on the page. You will be surprised at what you discover.

What if you don’t enjoy writing? Write anyway. Seriously, start writing. It’s not about joy at this stage in the game, it’s about discovery. When does growth occur? That’s right, when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. So, start writing. Start discovering.

Journaling Tools
  • Pen and Paper are the only tools you need to get started. Keep it simple at first. You can progress to a journal or some other method later. Don’t let buying a journal be your stumbling block.
  • I use the Bullet Journal. It’s my favorite! This system works for me. I use it for everything. I plan my days, track my diet, track my running, process decisions, take notes, everything. It’s all in one place. I love it! Just ask all of the people I’ve tried to convert. 
  • Coach Carlee uses the Believe Training Journal designed by elite professional runners Lauren Fleshman (“Lo”) and Roisin McGettigan-Dumas (“Ro”). This journal takes a more guided approach. Lo & Ro do a great job of asking questions, sharing their experiences, and motivating you to plan, track your progress, and go for your goals.Believe Training Journal

Carlee’s thoughts about what the Believe Training Journal has done for her.

“I’ve really enjoyed journaling about my running journey in the Believe Training Journal.  I was a collegiate volleyball player and was told how to work out and how to eat for most of my athletic career. Now that it’s up to me, I needed something to help hold myself accountable and log my running/ workouts. I like to lay out my schedule on Sundays and then after I complete a run or workout I jot down how I felt during that session. Journaling helps me stick to my plan and keeps me from overtraining. The hope is to have more good days than bad days.

“One area of focus that the Believe Training Journal has helped me with is goal setting. I have always had goals but there is something about writing them down and then coming up with a game plan on how to achieve those goals. I like that Lauren Fleshman asks the question, what is holding you back from reaching your goals? I have had to mull this question over time and time again because each training season brings on a new set of obstacles. That is one aspect I love about training for marathons. It’s so much more about the journey then the medal at the end of the race.

“Running is my therapy. The more I run, the more I learn about who I am, what I struggle with, and what holds me back. Give journaling a try during your next training season!”

So, whether you enjoy the analog varieties such as pen and paper, the customizable blank slate of the Bullet Journal, and the running-focused Believe Training Journal, or a digital format, we encourage you to start journaling and discover your WHY.

Write it down and watch the magic happen in your running and in life!

Coach Christie


Journaling Your Way to Becoming a Better Runner
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