Fall 2019

OU Grass Track (Newton & Robinson in Norman, OK)

September 6 – October 25, 2019
Every Friday at 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM

All WAHOO! KIDS will run a 1-MILE race at the Grass Track on Friday, October 25, at 10:30 am.

$20/mo per FAMILY (sign up on the WAHOO! Network)

Coaches: Christie & Carlee

Register and pay here. You will receive an email receipt which will contain a registration form. Please open this email and complete the form. Spaces are limited, so please register soon. Thanks & WAHOO!

What is WAHOO! Kids? It’s our way of connecting with the community. We host a running club for families, so kids can learn to enjoy the sport of running and moms and dads and grands can be active. Every week, we gather together at the OU Grass Track located at the northwest corner ofย Robinson and Newton. The club trains kids for a 1-mile run at the end of the program.

If you are local, consider joining our group!

At this time, WAHOO! Kids is only in Norman, OK. We would love for this community to spread worldwide.

Want to create a WAHOO! Kids in your city? Contact us.