Lisa Braden

12 weeks of training, 440 miles covered, a new PR, lots of goals met that I never thought were possible (earliest run – 5am ✅ fastest mile – 7:04 ✅, most miles in a day – 16✅, most miles in a week – 50 ✅, and my half in the 1:40s ✅) Plus, great family and friends there to push me along.  Very grateful for my dad and team @wahoorun who knew what I could do before I did!  I have never run this much or been this tired and I couldn’t love it more 💚 WAHOO!  #1:47:49



Julie Hulbert

26.2!! WAHOO! for a 24 minute PR 💚.

Can’t thank Coach Christie and Coach Carlee enough for the WAHOO! training plan and support. Having a personalized plan that catered to my individual needs helped me to be mentally and physically prepared for this race.  It wasn’t easy training and going to school full time but running marathons isn’t easy 💪🏻💚. 3:41:08 !!!! •

What’s next @wahoorun BQ?!?! #isaidit



Tim Riley

I really liked the training plan you developed for me for the Prairie Fire Half Marathon.  I liked the variety of training runs and speed work that was included. I feel the variety has helped keep my inflammation under control from my arthritis. Thank you Team WAHOO! I’m excited to train for my next race, The Maui Ocean Front half Marathon on January 14th with another WAHOO! training plan.